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08/24/2022, 8:42 AM
Hi, I'd like to use asyncpg for my postgres connection from the dagster-daemon to the DB. I use the official HELM charts. Any idea how I can inject the asyncpg python package into the dagster-daemon Docker/Pod. I don't see an option in the values.yaml. Basically I'd liek to do the following:
postgresqlScheme = "postgresql+asyncpg"
in the values.yaml ---- The reason I'd like to try this is that the dagster-daemon reconnects to our postgres server every second causing a lot of cpu load. Our other connections work just fine. ---- How do I increase the log level of the dagster-daemon itself? (Not the Compute Logs or anything. I mean the dasgter-daemon process/pod)


08/24/2022, 11:00 PM
I believe we would need to refactor the daemon to be async compatible for you to use this option. I don’t think you can get the benefits of the package without the refactor. Feel free to file an feature request for this - transitioning to async/await is definitely a big undertaking


08/25/2022, 6:55 AM
ok, maybe I don't even need that but I can't debug the reason why the daemon constantly reconnects to my postgresserver. The PG logs tell me dagster-daemon unexpectedly closes the connection shortly after being successfully established. How can I increase the log level of the dagster-daemon process in combination with your helm chart?
You have hardcoded the loglevel to INFO of the daemon in
.../_utils/ and .../_daemon/
@rex I think this is worth an issue on github. I guess I won't be the last who has to debug connection related issues. The loglevel for the daemon should be adjustable in the HELM's values,yaml eventually.
I can set an postgresql scheme in the
but even the example does not works, because pg8000 is not installed in the dagster-daemon pod.
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# When set, overrides the default `postgresql` scheme for the connection string.
  # (e.g., set to `postgresql+pg8000` to use the `pg8000` library).
  # See: <>
  postgresqlScheme: ""
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2022-08-25T09:35:41.608289872Z ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pg8000'