Hello all :wave: Is there a way for user code repo...
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Hello all 👋 Is there a way for user code repositories to register to the dagster daemon and dagit instead of having the dagster daemon and dagit poll the user code repositories? I'd like to have a dev environment where 1 dagit, 1 dagster daemon and 1 postgres are used by N developers. Thus I'd like the developers' user codes to be dynamic and not having everybody to handle a common configuration to register/unregister specific repositories but rather be autonomous and decentralized.
hi - we have a tracking issue for this here: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/6295.
The setup that you are describing is possible in Dagster Cloud, where branch deployments can take the place of those dev environments that you mentioned. user code can also be dynamic, since we provide an API to configure that in the managed product as well.
Hello @rex, Thanks a lot for the feedback! I won't be using Dagster Cloud as my company is deploying on-premises but thanks a lot for the pointers. Looking forward to the issue moving on 💪