When working with packages in DBT (these need to b...
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When working with packages in DBT (these need to be installed via
dbt deps
). This might be supported soon (https://dagster.slack.com/archives/C01U954MEER/p1660254343843889?thread_ts=1660240572.201999&cid=C01U954MEER). Currently, as a workaround I manually call
RUN dbt deps
when creating my docker image for the repository. However, the
unit tests now fail. As pytest is switching to a different path the
directory no longer exists. As I am using the
(which is NOT calling
dbt deps
) it fails. @claire, do you think you could somehow ensure that
dbt deps
is called before running DBT even when working with pytest? For now, (until your new feature lands) what would you suggest as a workaround?
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Compilation Error dbt found 1 package(s) specified in packages.yml, but only 0 package(s) installed in dbt_packages. Run "dbt deps" to install package dependencies. Encountered an error:
It looks like manually calling
dbt deps
before running pytest (also in the CI pipeline) is a workaround for now.
I am curious to hear a) when the deps handling for DBT will be part of dagster though and how it will be used then.
I'm a bit confused by this topic - your "workaround" to run dbt deps in your docker build and before running pytest sounds like the correct solution to me. dbt deps is meant to be run once during environment setup.