Is it possible to define resource definitions at t...
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Is it possible to define resource definitions at the
level? I have
that have a shared config. I'm using
to define this config. My ultimate goal is to have one reusable graph template, produce different graphs base on my resource configs, and calling all those graphs in a
. Is this possible or is there a better way to approach?
Not currently possible to define resources at the graph level - only at the job level. What you could do here however, is for each graph you create using the template, set a different required resource key depending on the graph's name that you can use to uniquely specify the config requirements for that graph. For example:
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def graph_template(graph_name: str):
    def the_op(context):
    def the_graph():
    return the_graph
Then in your job, you would specify the particular config resource uniquely for each templated graph