Hi , I was referred here by the Dagster app after ...
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Hi , I was referred here by the Dagster app after an unexpected error
You hit an unexpected error while fetching data from Dagster.
. Below is the full error. Any help much appreciated
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Operation name: RootWorkspaceQuery

Message: (psycopg2.errors.UndefinedColumn) column jobs.job_body does not exist
LINE 1: SELECT jobs.job_body 

[SQL: SELECT jobs.job_body 
FROM jobs 
WHERE jobs.repository_origin_id = %(repository_origin_id_1)s AND jobs.job_type = %(job_type_1)s]
[parameters: {'repository_origin_id_1': '7c25106ac3cb0dd4a3c3a3163e559995edd1d392', 'job_type_1': 'SCHEDULE'}]
(Background on this error at: <https://sqlalche.me/e/14/f405>)

Path: ["workspaceOrError","locationEntries",0,"locationOrLoadError","repositories",0,"schedules"]

Locations: [{"line":38,"column":15}]
@prha - does this look familiar to you? Maybe a missing migration?
Hi Jon. Did you recently upgrade? If so, which version were you upgrading from? This does look like some failed schema change - running
dagster instance migrate
might resolve it.
Hi, I used the helm chart to install dagster. I believe it is using
. I did connect this new dagster instance with an external Postgres DB. This DB had been in use by another older dagster instance. I will run with your suggestion to see if it fixes that.