hey, I just stared to get a TypeScript error every...
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hey, I just stared to get a TypeScript error every time I reload the repository, regardless if I click the reload all button or just the reload button next to the repo:
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Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '__typename')
Could anyone help me debug this? I checked the network tab in chrome, there are no requests erroring
My Dagster version is 1.0.2
Hi Simon - thanks for the report, this looks like our bug. We'll get a fix out shortly, in the meantime staying on 1.0.1 until we sort it out may be the best workaround unless there's a specific feature on 1.0.2 you're upgrading for
(Reloading the page in the browser after pressing Reload on the repository will also work as a workaround)
Thanks for the quick response! Downgrading to 1.0.1 did the trick