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08/05/2022, 5:14 PM
Hi everyone, I see there are some activities regarding configured to be displayed in Dagit. Would it be possible to set / overwrite / remove configured over graphql? It would be a nice feature for the way we use Dagster (e.g. we would specify a DB url “on the fly” without having to specify it for each job). Thanks, and have a nice week end 😊


08/05/2022, 6:49 PM
Hi @Ben! Are you talking about the edited config you see stored in the Launchpad view in dagit? This unfortunately cannot be edited globally via GraphQL as it is unique per user (and stored locally). In general, the config for a job is defined either in code, or when launching the run, so there's no layer in between that you can edit. Just to make sure I understand, is your usecase essentially that you have a database that a lot of jobs read from, but the url for this database may change somewhat frequently (so you'd prefer not to have to push a code change each time?). One other option would be to load this URL from an environment variable, which might be easier to change on the fly than the actual code of the job (depending on how you have things set up)


08/05/2022, 7:32 PM
Hi @owen, yes, you got it, exactly what I meant. Regarding the environment variable, I will have a closer look at it. Not sure how I can set it so that it is overtaken by the right processes. Anyway, thank you for the fast reply and the suggestion!