Hi Everyone, I have an unexpected behaviour with a...
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Hi Everyone, I have an unexpected behaviour with assets and io_manager. a example of code :
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def upstream(_: OpExecutionContext):
    return "upstream"

@asset(name="downstream", ins={"upstream": AssetIn("upstream")})
def downstream(_: OpExecutionContext, upstream):
    return upstream + "downstream"

assets_with_resources = with_resources([upstream, downstream], resource_defs={...})

materialize_all = define_asset_job(name="materialize_all",config=config_from_files([...]))

def repo():
return [assets_with_resources, materialize_all]

# Note: in my custom io manager I load_input and handle_output a file named respectively from  context.upstream_output.name and context.op_def.name
in dagit from the job view, when I launch upstream alone then downstream alone, all is right:
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Loaded input "upstream" using input manager "my_io_manager"
but when I launch the whole job materialize_all it fails after :
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Loaded input "upstream" using input manager "my_io_manager", from output "result" of step "upstream"
In the working case the output of upstream is named 'upstream' but in the breaking case it's named 'result' I am expecting that when I launch the 2 assets separately and with materialize all, I have the same behaviour
hi @Xavier BALESI! We should definitely make this clearer, but the path that you load/store assets to/from should be purely a function of the asset key (and whatever configuration on the IOManager). Using
can cause issues like what you're seeing, as these are not guaranteed to stay the same between different executions
Hi @owen! Thank you for the explanation 👍