Hey again folks :wave: I have 2 hopefully easy to...
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Hey again folks šŸ‘‹ I have 2 hopefully easy to answer questions. Can someone point me in the direction of documentation on: ā€¢ How I can add metadata to track on DBT assets (e.g. associate a table location with the asset instead of a path - I would like to record maybe some high level stats on the table and see them with the asset materialization ā€¢ How I can have the DBT json logging either a) go back to test format or b) pretty print in dagit? I think this change happened when I updated yesterday to 0.15.8 but not certain šŸ˜•
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Hi @Martin O'Leary! For your first question, there's a
argument (https://docs.dagster.io/_apidocs/libraries/dagster-dbt#dagster_dbt.load_assets_from_dbt_project), which takes in the op context and some metadata about the node, and returns some extra metadata which will be attached to the materialization. For your second question, this is a known issue in 0.15.8, will be fixed in today's release šŸ™‚
but for now, you can configure your dbt_cli_resource with
"json_log_format": False
as a temporary workaround!
Thank you @owen!