Is there a way to get dagit UI to automatically up...
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Is there a way to get dagit UI to automatically update with code changes to user repos? I am using helm with tilt to setup my dagster cluster, which dynamically syncs code changes to the user repo pods. So I am trying to figure out how to get the dagster deamon to pick up these code changes immediately. Restarting the deamon pod, the dagit pod, or the postgres pods do not seem to work.
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I also hit the same issue when volume mounting the user code repos from local file system to the user code pods running in minikube. Same issue occurred there. Dagit does not update with changes to the user code without completely redeploying everything.
Hey Ryan - Whenever the user code deployment restarts, the code should automatically be updated in dagit
Restarting the dagit pod should also work - dagit doesn't persist any state, so I suspect something else is going on here with your user code deployment causing it to still be serving the old code
You do need to restart the user code deployment whenever the code changes though
Yeah I am just trying to do it without fully rebuilding the image. For some reason restarting dagit pod through tilt does not seem to pickup the changes.
I wonder if I could somehow run a job that reruns the GRPC command on the pod without rebuilding it.
Restarting the user deployment pod which rebuilds the image does work. It just takes time.
You don't need to rebuild the image, but you do need to restart the pod
If the code is mounted as a volume, restarting the user code pod would be sufficient - restarting dagit isn't going to do anything since it gets the code from the user code pod
ok, i'll look in to that, thanks
Yeah good call. This works to achieve the above. kubectl rollout restart deployment dagster-dagster-user-deployments
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