Hi all, We are trying to Stream Dagster Logs(get l...
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Hi all, We are trying to Stream Dagster Logs(get logs in a file to send the logs after every one second) While trying to get the dagster logs into a log file using dagster.yaml file Logs are not getting displayed into the specified log file. and the command to execute is dagster job execute -f example_project/repo.py -c dagster.yaml dagster.yaml file
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        class: logging.FileHandler
        level: INFO
        filename: "my_dagster_logs.log"
        mode: "a"
        formatter: timeFormatter
        format: "%(asctime)s :: %(message)s"
hi @Tejaswini Malaga -- is the "my_dagster_logs.log" file being created, and just not populated, or is there no file there at all?
one thing to watch out for - it looks like you are passing your dagster.yaml file in using the -c argument, but that argument is intended for run configuration (like configuration for ops). To include that dagster.yaml file, you'll want to create a $DAGSTER_HOME env var and put the dagster.yaml in that folder (see https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/dagster-instance#default-local-behavior for more information) You'll know that the dagster.yaml file is set up correctly when you can go to the Status => Configuration tab in Dagit and see your dagster.yaml contents on that tab
Yes i am getting dagster log file which is having Outside terminal logs not having dagit UI logs I require Dagit UI logs in a log file Any solution could be helpful