Heya Dagster crew, is there a way to disable a pip...
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Heya Dagster crew, is there a way to disable a pipeline/job (we're still on 0.13) at the top level so that it doesn't show up in the UI and doesn't have its underlying code parsed by dagster/dagit which is currently reporting errors? We would delete them if we could, but we'll need them eventually and would just like to "put them on the silent backburner" until we have time to refactor them.
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Hi @Corey Capel is removing the job from the repository an option? you should be able to keep the actual job around and then add it back to the repository when it's ready
It is, but we were hoping to keep that as a last resort, as the jobs have bits in them that are useful for reference.
Hi Corey, Not sure I understand your problem but removing an old pipeline from the repository shouldn’t require you to delete any code:
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def my_repo():
    return [
        # some_pipeline,  # commented out so not in repo
That's exactly the effect I was looking for, I guess I was thinking there might be a
option in config somewhere. That's what overthinking gets ya 🙂 Thanks @sean!
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