Hey, I'm trying to get my hands on your new api (o...
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Hey, I'm trying to get my hands on your new api (op/job) and i don't quite understand the config(preset) part for now. It was very useful for me to have multiple presets, and now i can only one, is it right? 🤔🤔
And also now when i create a schedule with config it doesn't seem that i can select it in launchpad and run it manually which was quite convenient for testing...
here’s the migration guide: https://docs.dagster.io/guides/dagster/graph_job_op with op/job, you can define a graph and define multiple jobs with different configs using
similarly, we now encourage to define multiple schedules for the case you mentioned. https://docs.dagster.io/guides/dagster/graph_job_op#a-pipeline-with-a-preset-and-a-schedule
sorry, i still don't get it. i updated my code and it runs but I really want to be able to run pipeline with different configs from the launchpad. But if i define cron schedules, i don't see them in the launchpad. So how do i manually run a pipeline with config defined in schedule?