Hi! In version 0.15.6, it no longer seems possible...
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Hi! In version 0.15.6, it no longer seems possible to have
metadata in an asset, although it was possible in previous versions. This is the error:
dagster.core.errors.DagsterInvalidMetadata: Could not resolve the metadata value for "none_type" to a known type. Its type was <class 'NoneType'>. Consider wrapping the value with the appropriate MetadataValue type.
And the code to reproduce the error :
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@asset(metadata={'none_type' : None})
def asset():
    return 1

job = define_asset_job('job', selection = AssetSelection.assets(asset))

def repo():
    return [job, asset]
Sorry for the identification @sandy, but I haven't had any feedback on the issue. Is this a normal behavior?
@sean - do you know what's going on here?
I have a fix out for this bug, thanks for this report!