Hey all, was curious if there was a feature reques...
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Hey all, was curious if there was a feature request at all for adding the ability to enforce a dependency between ops without requiring to pass in a value as data dependnecy. I have found in some cases where you might have ops where you are firing off an external process, and you want to wait on the said process to continue other operations, however then in order for those operations to fire after the previous op, you have to pass some unused
value to to next
in the process. Could there be something added during the graph definition like
to where during the graph invocation we could set
instead of passing "fake dependencies"
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I believe there is the Nothing type with which to communicate execution depenencies between ops which have no direct I/O dependencies. However this is pretty awkward and unergonomic to use IMO, and it still falls under the category of “fake dependencies”. Dunno if Dagster might support a cleaner interface to define execution-not-data-dependency that does not reflect in op function args because function I/O seems like one of the core abstractions for the system.
people have been receptive, but i think the demand could be more visible. this probably the 4th time ive seen it come up after i mentioned it
looks like there's some related issues in there too
Upvoted! I agree the ergonomics could be improved. Has been a subject a while back per issue 4247 https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/4274
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