I need some quick help with this error. I do not h...
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I need some quick help with this error. I do not have a code server, and all my code is on the dagit container in docker. I am having trouble terminating tasks due to this error. Thanks!
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I have to keep restarting my dagster_daemon.
Here's my dagster.yaml
Hey Matt - I think this is happening because the run is launched in a subprocess within the daemon, but you're terminating it from dagit in a different container. Since you're already running in Docker, doing each run in its own container via the DockerRunLauncher would be one way to address this: https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/guides/docker#launching-runs-in-containers - that might require setting the DAGSTER_CURRENT_IMAGE env var so that it knows what image to use when launching the run
Thank you @daniel! I will take a look at that!
@daniel I ended up doing something a little different. I didn't want to spin up new containers for every run, so I looked at the documentation, and it said that the default run launcher runs the code at the grpc server. I didn't have a grpc code server, so I created that container, and it worked great!
Ah yes that would also work! great, glad it worke dout