What is the analog for Airflow's `LatestOnlyOperat...
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What is the analog for Airflow's
in Dagster? for example, I have a job that inferences an ML model and pushes some values to Redis. I only want to push the result to Redis for the latest partition (or, in Airflow terms, for the latest execution_date), so the production won't be affected by backfills, only the partitioned assets along the job. What would be a solution in Dagster?
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Good question! My first thought is to do something like
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if context.get_tag("backfill"):
    <http://context.log.info|context.log.info>("Is backfill run. Skipping...")
    ... do not-backfill things
if you could write some code to get the latest partition for the job, you could also do a comparison of
context.get_tag("partition") = latest_partition
, but I'm not sure how you would do that exactly.
the problem here is accessing
... @sandy here is another reason to expose the exact partitions set (both global and mapped) to the execution context
I'm not familiar with the LatestOnlyOperator, so trying to wrap my head around this a little more - are you saying that, when you run a backfill, there are some assets that you want to update every partition of, but other assets that essentially are unpartitioned and thus you only want to execute a single step for?
Right! For example, usually in the very end of a model inference pipeline we have an asset with a “latest only” execution, like deploying model predictions for the current day to a key-value storage. we want to always make sure only the latest partition of this task is actually runnable.