hi! I'm trying to use <dagster-graphql> but it doe...
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hi! I'm trying to use dagster-graphql but it does not allow me to init the client.
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from dagster_graphql import DagsterGraphQLClient
client = DagsterGraphQLClient(hostname="localhost", port_number=3000, use_https=True)
{DagsterGraphQLClientError}Error when connecting to url https://localhost:3000/graphql. Did you specify hostname: localhost and port_number: 3000 correctly?
I'm using ssh connection to an instance and then connect to Dagit via localhost:
ssh -N -L 3000:<uri>:3000 <username>@<instance_id>
I can successfully open https://localhost:3000/graphql in browser and in Postman (although I had to disable SSL validation in Postman). I'm assuming I get SSL validation error in the code as well but I don't know how to handle it in PyCharm. Thanks in advance for assistance.
Hi Andriy. Do you run into the same issues when running the client with the default
hi prha, in case with use_https=False I’m getting 400 Bad request
{HTTPError}400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: <http://localhost:3000/graphql>
@prha any ideas what could be wrong? I'll appreciate any help
Hmm… Are you instantiating the client locally or from within your SSH session? We’re using the https://github.com/graphql-python/gql/blob/master/gql/transport/requests.py to manage the graphql requests to the endpoint, which is just using the
library under the hood.
I'm instantiating it from within the SSH session (using localhost as a host with port forwarding to the actual dagster host)