Hiya Dagsterinos! I love that dagster let’s me ru...
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Hiya Dagsterinos! I love that dagster let’s me run DBT DAGs and save the outputs as .csv files in Google Cloud Storage! Does anyone know how to run this specific type of asset materialisation on a daily basis? I’ve checked the documentation for Schedules but it doesn’t really resemble my code that is using software-defined assets. Is it simply a matter of defining a
after the
command? (See comments for example code) Any tips would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advancedaggy 3d
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This code defines my job that runs a DBT DAG and stores the outputs to GCS:
hi @Harpal! the object returned by AssetGroup(...).build_job() is a job, so you can indeed define a
ScheduleDefinition(job=metrics_all_assets, ...)
, and go from there
Thanks for the heads up @owen! Worked like a charm 🎉