Think this is a dagster error? Not being provided ...
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Think this is a dagster error? Not being provided an option to specify config yaml via the UI, and receive this error for this configured asset below.
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# the io manager stuff properly sorted.
# name of asset will be name of function definition
)  # , non_argument_deps={'ml_cxr_datalake'})
def cxr_collection_metadata(context) -> pd.core.frame.DataFrame:
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ml_cxr_collection_configured = with_resources(
    resource_defs={"ml_mongo_warehouse": mongo_handler_resource},
Bit perplexed, using very similar patterns successfully elsewhere. Problem resolves itself if I just bypass the dagster resource tooling, but that'd be a shame.
A quick fix could be to provide the config using the
argument of
, although if you need to change per run, that won't help you unfortunately.
I think the issue here is the lack of a yaml editor showing up when kicking off runs using the
button - which I've created an issue for If you need to materialize runs with varying config, you can also just provide the assets to a job using
, and then use the launchpad for runs.
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