I have set minimum_interval_seconds to 5 seconds. ...
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I have set minimum_interval_seconds to 5 seconds. But Dagit shows frequency as ~ 30 sec. The sensor runs only once in a minute. The process just takes 2-3 sec to complete. Sometimes in between it will run within a few seconds for a few runs and then back to once a minute. Any suggestions?
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@prha @daniel - any idea why this would be occurring? Nitin - do you have other sensors or schedules running at the same time?
The two most likely causes I can think of are: • Sensors run one at a time currently (we are working on fixing this and making them able to run in parallel). If other sensors are happening in your repo, then it will wait for them to finish. • Every minute or so the daemon will spin up a new subprocess with your code in it - sensors will pause while that server is spinning up. If that's what it seems to be, you could mitigate by running the code in your own grpc server so that you have full control over when it restarts (https://docs.dagster.io/concepts/repositories-workspaces/workspaces#running-your-own-grpc-server) or we could add the ability to configure how frequently the daemon reloads your code for you.