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Junbum Lee

06/24/2022, 1:30 AM
Hi, I successfully built ECS(with Fargate) cluster using well-documented example code repo(
), but I came to the request that is there option to use CUDA - which requires ECS cluster w/ EC2 not Fargate - so I'd like to know if there's option to launch the specific(CUDA-required) job on the EC2-ECS cluster and run other jobs on Fargate? (I mean, is there any option to launch jobs on Fargate cluster as default and run some jobs on EC2 cluster?) I saw that "The
launches an ECS task per run. It assumes that the rest of our Dagster deployment is also running in ECS on a Fargate compatible cluster." on the document, but I'm curious is there any options 😉 (ps. I know that I can use another option using K8S(EKS), but it's using sledgehammer to crack a nut for my situation 😄)
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06/24/2022, 9:31 PM
Hi Junbum - we don't currently support launching runs in EC2, but it's come up before and there's a feature request issue for adding it here:
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