Hi team, where do stdout/stderr logs go by default...
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Hi team, where do stdout/stderr logs go by default if no ComputeLogManager is configured ?
Hi sgpd. By default, logs are persisted to disk using the Local Compute Log Manager (the default compute log manager): https://docs.dagster.io/_apidocs/internals#dagster.core.storage.local_compute_log_manager.LocalComputeLogManager
Hi clair, The 'captured logs' are always empty on dagit ui with DockerRunLauncher. I suspect the logs are going to container private storage. I tried specifying a basedir and use a volume mount and I can now see the log files on the host, but the logs are still missing in dagit UI. Is it possible to view them on dagit ui with docker/ECS/K8 run launchers?
Hi, for the logs to appear in dagit you'll want to set up a different compute log manager that persists it elsewhere than the local filesystem on the container - there are instructions for how to do that here: https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/dagster-instance#compute-log-storage