dagster team, based on your sensor logic for `slac...
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dagster team, based on your sensor logic for `slack_on_run_failure`(pic 1) is it true that the default
block section at the top cannot be excluded? I want a “blank slate” for
to completely customize my own in
param (pic 2). i also can’t get the sensor to work, using the block syntax in pic 2, not sure if related to the aforementioned - I can successfully slack on failure with the default message that dagster provides out of the box so pretty sure I’ve narrowed the issue down to formatting. + @Paul Swithers
Hi Solaris. Dagster directly follows slack's API in order to post messages, I think it should be possible to exclude the default
block, the error is probably some other existing formatting error. This is the slack API used: https://api.slack.com/reference/block-kit/blocks
@claire @daniel what do you think about this? https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/pull/8385