Hi all, I'm getting to grips with software defined...
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Hi all, I'm getting to grips with software defined assets. I've successfully materialised a set of assets, and output them to a local folder. I now want to create downstream assets from this set of assets, what is the best way to do so? I've tried defining 'SourceAssets' that are linked to this set of assets but this has an issue related to the I/O - because it struggles with finding the asset (I need to fidget around with linking the path and config of the IO to the asset, its been quite troublesome so far). I've also tried writing it out an as AssetGroup but it means I think it means I need to do separate AssetGroups for each asset. Either way, I've pretty confused at this point as to what's the best way forward.
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Thanks Georg it looks super helpful! Going to have a read 🙂