Is there way to define phantom assets other than u...
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Is there way to define phantom assets other than using
? We are using Databricks and Delta Lake engine so we do not need actual IO Managers for assets materializations but want to maintain declarative assets catalog with dependencies. Is there way to just declare assets definitions and dependencies between them, but all actual materializations will be handled by jobs (and not
methods) spawning materializations events upon completion.
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    ins={"...": In(asset_key=AssetKey(["..", ".."]))},
    out=Out(io_manager_key="...", asset_key=AssetKey(["..", ".."])),
This works mostly without @asset . You can still see that there will be an asset but the graph and most info only appear after a run. Also materialize does not work. I don’t think it works for Dynamic outputs.
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Hey Ivan - a couple additional points here: • You don't need to use IO managers to use assets. E.g. you can write assets where the body of the decorated function does the IO, like in the examples here: • In 0.15.0, we released a new way of interleaving ops with assets:
Hey Ivan - circling back here - I'm curious to hear how this went for you. Did you manage to figure out how to get past this?