Hello guys, first of all thank you fot this commun...
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Hello guys, first of all thank you fot this community. I am new to dagster and data orchestration. But I plan to use it in a coming project and I would like to ask for your advice concerning deployment. Here is our use case: right now we have mutiple excel-Dashboards multiple sheets as souce data. We update these Dashboards daily/Weekly/Monthly by updating the sheets that contain the data. because we also plan to have a web-based Dashboad for reporting the same source data need to be updated in a database for the dashboard to access. Note that the source data ist excel and csv files that exit in a certain directory in the file system (in the database and excel-dashboards). Since I plan to run my web.based dashboard as a docker container in a linux server, I thought of containerizing the dagster server as well. So here are my questions: Does deploying dagster in docker in this scenario make sense? I assume the python scripts must be contained in the dagster image, but does the source data also need to be contained in the image? In other words because we have to update some data daily, I need to re-build the image each time we have new data? What do you think would be the best deployment option for my scenario? Thanks!
Hi Yassine - you can also mount the source data as a volume in the image as well which allows it to be included without needing to rebuild the image - there are some examples here of how to tell Dagster to include those volumes when it launches runs: https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/guides/docker#mounting-volumes And here's some information on mounting volumes in Docker in general: https://docs.docker.com/storage/volumes/
Hi Daniel, thank you so much!