In UI only the first repo shows up? ```from dagste...
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In UI only the first repo shows up?
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from dagster import repository

from import say_hello_job
from demo.schedules.my_hourly_schedule import my_hourly_schedule, my_schedule
from demo.sensors.my_sensor import my_sensor, mysensor

from import diamond

def demo():
    The repository definition for this demo Dagster repository.

    For hints on building your Dagster repository, see our documentation overview on Repositories:
    jobs = [say_hello_job]
    schedules = [my_hourly_schedule]
    sensors = [my_sensor]

    return jobs + schedules + sensors

def cereals():
    jobs = [diamond]
    schedules = [my_schedule]
    sensors = [mysensor]

    return jobs + schedules + sensors
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how are you loading dagit locally?
if you want to load multiple repositories, you should export the repositories to the top level of your package. Then tell dagit to read from that package.
Yes running all locally for a POC
I did refer the docs for the same But was also following the project structure that is created in one of the basic tutorials
yeah - the the
dagster generate new-project
structure, the repository is exported in the top level:[…]gster/dagster/generate/new_project/new_project/ If you want
to show, you need to export it to the top level in this file as well.
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from .repository import demo, cereals
is already setup for you to read from the package, so don’t need to change anything there.
Yeah. Got it Thanks a lot pal