Hi there, dagster-dbt is running the following com...
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Hi there, dagster-dbt is running the following command
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dbt --no-use-color --log-format json run --project-dir ./dbt_dir
is there any way for me to be able to control what arguments are passed to the CLI? I’d like to be able to remove
--log-format json
from the invocation
hi @Sanidhya Singh the
--log-format json
is currently a required part of the dbt invocation, as we parse out specific fields from the response. The
is less necessary, although it's there because the event log in dagit doesn't support color in the way that the terminal does. Just to confirm, are you viewing the dbt logs directly in the terminal, or in Dagit? there's a known issue (hopefully to be fixed this week) that's causing the Dagit logs to be shown as json-formatted strings, so it's possible that fixing that will solve your issue as well
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