Hi everyone! I make an easy-start data pipeline be...
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Hi everyone! I make an easy-start data pipeline between 2 DB with dagster and now I've facing with problem about DAGSTER_HOME env. I already did env and dagster.yaml empty file, but error didnt leave me. I use windows and Pycharm. Please, help me, I spend an hours for this trouble((
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Hi Oleg, When you say “easy-start data pipeline” do you mean something like an experimental pipeline with a small amount of code? If so, would you mind sharing that code here? Thanks.
Hi, Sean! Thank you for your answer. I mean that in "easy-start pipeline" code is not relevant, because I have trouble with "dagster-daemon run" command. The pipeline is work when I launc it through dagit interface, its ok
Right now I get following error: dagster.core.errors.DagsterInvariantViolationError: $DAGSTER_HOME "C:\Users\Oleg\.dagster\dagster_home\dagster.yaml" is not a directory or does not exist . Dagster requires this environment variable to be set to an existing directory in your filesystem
Thanks for clarifying. When you say “I already did env and dagster.yaml empty file”, are you saying that you have set the
environment variable? By the way , unfortunately I’m not very familiar with how environment variables work on windows.
Sean, you can congratulate me!!! I did it, ha-ha, now Im happy! Thank you so much! I write path environment variables with 2 mistakes: 1. The right slash is "/" , the "\" was wrong 2. The path for home_dagster is directory where yaml file in, while I did a path directly for yaml file. That was wrong (.../home_dagster/dagster.yaml instead of .../home_dagster)
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