Hey all! I'm currently developing a GUI (using ele...
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Hey all! I'm currently developing a GUI (using electron, for example) that will, amongst others, start dagster-daemon/dagit instances on start-up and communicate with the server via GraphQL (to show a list of jobs, start jobs, etc.). To achieve maximal convenience for the end user, part of the desired end product is supposed to be an installer that should install a self-contained python environment (with dagster+dagit) and the GUI on Windows 10, ideally even without an internet connection. If you have any pointers re installers, that'd be great 🙂 Thanks in advance!
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I’m not familiar with tooling for bundling python binaries, if you want to follow up I’m curious what you end up using
In case anybody comes across this, I ended up using Pynsist (skipping the last step that actually creates the Windows installer)