Hey All, I'm working on configuring my development...
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Hey All, I'm working on configuring my development environment using docker. Reading the docs. I see this paragraph that says I need to restart my container every time code changes. Is the best way to do this with a docker restart? I'm wondering if anyone has attempted something different
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Hi @Alec Ryan I had exactly the same requirement - local docker-based development environment and specifically I wanted a quick and easy development workflow. I'm using docker compose to manage a container for each service: postgres, dagit, dagster-daemon and user code. I'm using a local bind mount to mount my used code into the user code container. I've found that I don't need to restart the user code container when I change my user code. If I launch a new run, the latest code is picked up immediately. I'm using a
, which may contribute it working.
yep, then you can use the
refresh workspace
buttons on the launchpad to quickly reload after code changes. I believe there's a starter
file in one of the dagster example directories
here's that docker dagster example if you haven't found it. I started from that example and found it did almost everything I needed out of the box and I only had to make a few tweaks for my own setup (mostly just in the user code dockerfile)
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