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hi @Eivind, your suspicion is likely correct -- dbt_cloud_resource does not currently expose a configuration field for the dbt cloud host, although the underlying object does. it should be a simple change to add in that config field (can likely get it in for this thursday's release). In the meantime if you want to try things out, a hacky solution would be to create a
(basically copy-paste and hard code
in the returned object)
hi @Eivind -- just a heads up that you should probably delete the actual auth token string from that error message (public slack and all 🙂). as for the error, when you configure something with a blob like
{"auth_token": {"env": <something>}}
, the <something> variable is meant to be the name of the environment variable that you want dagster to load the value from. It seems like you're loading the environment variable yourself, which is totally fine, but in that case you'll want to just directly supply that value as config. This would be
{"auth_token": dbt_env}
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