Hi, I have a job that is syncing an Airbyte connec...
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Hi, I have a job that is syncing an Airbyte connection as the last step with the
integration. I have alerting set up in airbyte for connections that fails to sync. The dagster job completes successfully and the airbyte sync completes successfully, but airbyte alerts that the connection has failed to sync. When I run the connection sync in airbyte, it does not report a failed sync so I suspect it has something to do with the
integration. Has anyone experienced this problem ? Thank you.
Found this line in the resources.py file of the dagster-airbyte library - this is probably the cause. It is still activating the notification when the job is canceled after it has completed successfully.
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            # make sure that the Airbyte job does not outlive the python process
            # cancelling a successfully completed job has no effect
cc @owen
ah good catch @Marthinus Basson , we can put out a fix for that behavior in next week's release. In the meantime, if you downgrade to the previous dagster version (0.14.14), you should not experience this behavior. sorry about that!
Ah great, no worries @owen. Thanks for that.👍