Hi, is it possible to change job execution path of...
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Hi, is it possible to change job execution path of a certain job to be same as where the backing notebook of that job located? In my backing notebook script, I always uses relative file path when reading/writing files. When triggering the job in Dagit, the default job execution path(where the dagster script is) is dagster_home, which is different from my backing notebook directory. I wonder how do I configure the job execution path without changing my dagster_home path? so that in the backing notebook, I won't need to change all those relative file path to absolute file path ( in order to drop the csv output in the original directory). Thank you!
Hi Henry, in your notebook code, you can wrap the relative path with
such as
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from dagster.utils import file_relative_path
file_relative_path(__file__, "relatove/path/to/file")
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