Hi team, we are evaluating a switch to either Pref...
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Hi team, we are evaluating a switch to either Prefect or Dagster. On the surface the feature sets look quite similar. Do you have any resources aiding with the decision which solution to choose?
Hi Julian. I’m not as deeply familiar with all of Prefect’s virtues/flaws. But there are a handful of third-party resources that compare Airflow/Prefect/Dagster. One top search result is here: https://towardsdatascience.com/airflow-prefect-and-dagster-an-inside-look-6074781c9b77 One key differentiator is the Software Defined Assets paradigm that @sandy announced a few months ago, which is uniquely possible with Dagster because it is data-aware. It’s an approach to data orchestration that we find quite exciting and we’re investing a lot of time and thought in.