couple questions related to schedules: 1. If I set...
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couple questions related to schedules: 1. If I set tags on a job definition and then set different values of the same tags on the schedule definition, will the schedule tags override the job tags? 2. is there a way to manually run a schedule via the Dagster Cloud UI?
For 1. Yes, the schedule tags will override the job tags.
For 2. This is kind of buried, but if you go to the
tab on the
page, you should see upcoming schedule ticks. In the actions menu on the right of the row, you can evaluate the next schedule tick and open the resulting run_config/tags in Launchpad
got it! thanks
@prha just to confirm, it completely overrides the tags dict right? it's not a merge?
it is a merge… the conflicting values will get overwritten
ok the UI makes that kind of ambiguous. compare how the future-scheduled run config looks vs when you open it in the launchpad: