EDIT: `tag_concurrency_limits` + some clever chunk...
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+ some clever chunking of my 5000 dynamic ops across ~100 multiple job runs might work for this, but it feels hacky to me. ~I have a dagster job that has dynamic ops (spins up 200-5000 using
). Is there a way to specify a concurrency limit X so that a given job run will only schedule X parallel k8s jobs at a time?
My cluster can handle a large number of parallel k8s jobs (dynamic ops) but for this particular dagster job, I know if I don’t limit concurrency I’m gonna hit API limits — the API limits are due to a library that I’m calling from within each dynamic op. Ideally would be something configured here in `execution.config`:
Glad you found a solution that works for you… is there an ideal API you had in mind for specifying concurrency limits at the op-level? Would you want it to be run-scoped, or globally scoped?
globally scoped or run-scoped is fine. run-scoped would be cleaner since I can just have a single job with 3,500 dynamic ops within it my workaround now is: 1. create temp table with the 3.5k collections to process 2. have a schedule that every hour kicks off a job with 200 dynamic ops, force timeout after 10 hours (within the ETL logic in the dynamic op). increment offset every hour, go back to 0 offset once you reach the end. cycle through offsets forever until I turn off the schedule 3. allow 5 jobs running concurrently. most of these jobs will finish within 1-2 hours so overall op concurrency should never be the full 200 * 5 = 1000 at once 4. if a collection is finished processing, essentially the ETL is a no-op. but for the super long-running jobs (30 hours), we’ll get to the end of processing after 3 full “cycles” — lmk if that makes sense yikes this requires lots of babysitting and tuning so it’s not ideal, but it works for now
Would it work to set up celery and use the
? https://docs.dagster.io/_apidocs/libraries/dagster-celery-k8s#dagster_celery_k8s.celery_k8s_job_executor. You could set up queues according to the concurrency constraints you have: https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/guides/kubernetes/deploying-with-helm-advanced
@prha does this work well with dagster.cloud? I could try it out but I saw some other threads that discouraged celery for production use-cases and encouraged us to stick to k8s executors
Yeah the celery k8s executor doesn't work in cloud unfortunately. We're working on a replacement that will give you the same benefits without needing to run celery, but it's still a few weeks out.
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