Think I may have found a bug in the implementation...
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Think I may have found a bug in the implementation of the
. It doesn’t work with any operation that requires a lease, as the
object needs a `_blob_client` or `_container_client` to be present, which isn’t on the Fake Blob Client. The error you see is “TypeError: Lease must use any of FileSystemClient DataLakeDirectoryClient, or DataLakeFileClient.“. I would love to have someone double check I am not barking up the wrong tree here though, we are using the
, and I couldn’t see a test checking that combination
thanks for bringing this up! i'll look into it and get a pr up
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Just popped an issue in here so it’s easier to track, sorry if it’s a dupe!
hi! the fix for this just got merged in, so it will be part of this week's release