Thanks, <@U016C4E5CP8> for your help yesterday. I’...
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Thanks, @daniel for your help yesterday. I’m trying to integrate the openlineage-dagster plugin into my local dagster, which @daniel helped me achieve. All seems good on the dagster side, but when I run a job, I see the following in the daemon’s shell:
Sensor openlineage_sensor skipped: Last cursor: {"last_storage_id": 9, "running_pipelines": {"97e2efdf-9499-4ffd-8528-d7fea5b9362c": {"running_steps": {}, "repository_name": "hello_cereal_repository"}}}
and no OpenLineage event is generated. I’m not sure if this is dagster itself or the plugin. I’ve attached my,, and workspace.yaml files. Any thoughts??
Looking at the
, it looks like that’s the intended success log. Might an issue for their repo.
Thanks for the research. I will chase down the openlineage folks.