Hey all, is it possible to pass a resource to a sc...
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Hey all, is it possible to pass a resource to a schedule? I essentially want to run a job once a day only if files are ready to be processed, the way I get that is by calling some APIs that I have already wrapped around a resource that the job itself is using. I know sensors have a workaround where you can utilize
with build_resources(resources=resources, resource_config=resource_config ) as resource:
however wanted to see if there was a standard practice for doing the same with schedules.
Hi Scott, I believe that workaround should work on schedules in the
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Awesome, implemented! And a maybe easier question, for a schedule that is skipped is there a dagster way of sending that back or is returning
the go to?
From https://docs.dagster.io/_apidocs/schedules-sensors#schedules:
Return or yield a SkipReason object, providing a descriptive message of why no runs were requested.