Hey guys is there any way of submitting a LaunchBa...
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Hey guys is there any way of submitting a LaunchBackfill mutation selecting all partitionNames at once? The client/requester does not know all the available partitionNames so I just want to trigger the whole partition set
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mutation LaunchPartitionBackfill($repositoryName: String!, $repositoryLocationName: String!, $partitionSetName: String!) {
  launchPartitionBackfill(backfillParams: {
    selector: {
      partitionSetName: $partitionSetName
      repositorySelector: {
        repositoryName: $repositoryName,
        repositoryLocationName: $repositoryLocationName,
    partitionNames: <-- I DONT WANT TO SPECIFY THIS
    forceSynchronousSubmission: true
    ... on LaunchBackfillSuccess {
    ... on PipelineConfigValidationInvalid {
      errors {
@prha might know?
I don’t think so, but this seems like a reasonable flag to put in. Are you using the GraphQL API directly?
@Dagster Bot issue add flag to backfill creation mutation to select all known partitions
Yeah we use it to trigger runs based on an event stream in a different service :)
Ideal scenario would be to run the partition fn after triggering via GraphQL and select all partition items, that way you could also trigger items that were not there the last time you ran the partition fn, bc I understand that the partition fn is run once you open it in Dagit only?
E.g run a backfill for all existig users via graphql, so every run there will be new users notnconsidered in the past run, and I need to also consider the new ones as partition items, but cant tell from the calling services what users I have so I need Dagster to run the partition fn on every call for me
I think we can just add a flag to the backfill and have the backfill daemon persist that through upon execution
Will need to dig a little bit before confirming
Just to loop back on this… the
mutation now takes an
flag that you can provide instead of enumerating the partition keys. This was released last week in