Any good resources to learn dagster? Maybe a video...
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Any good resources to learn dagster? Maybe a video walkthrough of an implementation? A course? I'm finding the docs difficult to absorb
a Check out my post here on a Dagster Minimum Viable Pipeline. There are other good resources on the same channel too!
Hey @Alec Ryan - did you get a chance to look at the tutorial in the docs? Any particular parts of it that were difficult to follow? Any feedback you can provide about what was difficult with them would be very helpful to us!
Hey Sandy, I've stepped through the tutorial a few times.
I think what is missing, which I've enjoyed with other projects is a video course
I've searched on youTube and I don't see many videos walking through how to build a dagster project, connect to s3, etc.
Something simple like uploading a json file to s3. How would I do that? I get that I would need to instantiate a resource but how can I inject credentials for the boto3 session?