Hi all :wave: Does anyone have some clarity on the...
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Hi all 👋 Does anyone have some clarity on the name expected by the secretsmanager_secrets_resource’s .get function? The API docs for the latest version give the example of “my-secret-name”, as you can see below;
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def example_secretsmanager_secrets_op(context):
    return context.resources.secrets.get("my-secret-name")
I’d just like to clarify whether this is the name of the secret as specified within AWS Secret Manager?
I’ve tried passing in the name as it is on AWS’ SM, but it does not seem to be added to the environment as specified in the run_config with
"add_to_environment": True
. There are no auth errors from boto, either, so I’m unsure whether it’s not finding the secret or whether I may be missing additional config.