Hello everyone, I'm creating a POC for dagster to ...
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Hello everyone, I'm creating a POC for dagster to try and see the features and how it would work and have a graph, which runs on a set schedule, ex. everyday at 00:05, how can I get the date dynamically and pass it through the Ops used in the graph?
Is it as simple as accessing the
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context.scheduled_execution_time in my OPs
( This is from the docs )
Hi @Robert Balaban - the typical way to do this is through configuration. For example, here's a docs example of an op that accepts configuration from a schedule: https://docs.dagster.io/concepts/partitions-schedules-sensors/schedules#a-schedule-that-provides-custom-run-config-and-tags If you want every op in the job to have access to the same config, one way to do that is through a resource: https://docs.dagster.io/concepts/configuration/config-schema#passing-configuration-to-multiple-ops-in-a-job
@Dagster Bot discussion How can I pass the scheduled date dynamically through the ops
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