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Resolved. Disregard. 🙂 Hey y'all - We are working on moving our Dagster instance to a newer version of our infrastructure and are having problems reaching Dagit. Hoping someone here has an idea what might be going on We're hosting two containers in an ECS task - one for the daemon and one for dagit. Dagit's entrypoint is set to
dagit -h -p 8000 -w workspace.yaml
and I'm mapping container port 8000 to host port 8000. The container logs show what we expect: the daemon is healthy and dagit is serving as expected. However, we can't figure out how to get to dagit. We're attempting to just access port 8000 on the private IP of the task, but are getting a connection refused error. We ran the analyzer on the path from the VPN connector to the Fargate instance and it's not showing any problems. We turned on the VPC flow logs for the instance and the VPN connector is accepting the traffic without a problem and the private IP of the Fargate task is accepting traffic on port 8000, but we see incoming requests on different ports other than 8000 from the private IP are being rejected. We've been messing with the security groups but haven't been able to get it to work. Thanks in advance for any ideas and suggestions
Update: when we remote into the private IP of the Fargate service and run
curl <>
we get the expected response of