Hi <#C01U954MEER|dagster-support> Team, I'm Manoj ...
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Hi #dagster-support Team, I'm Manoj based out of Chennai, India. I have been using dagster for the last 4 to 5 months in building a customized orchestration solution for my company I work with. I should admit that dagster is one of the greatest frameworks in building/tying data applications so easily. I'm using multiprocessing support of dagster by building reconstructible pipelines across process boundaries and I'm surprised to know that build_reconstructable_job does only accept reconstructable_args with JSON serialized tuple. The problem I face now is I want to pass a DB session object (which contains a threaded lock embedded object) as one of the arguments to reconstructable_args. Is that possible ? Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Manoj, glad you've enjoyed using dagster so far. Unfortunately all arguments to
must be serializable as Dagster reconstructs the job across the process boundary using file pointers and other serializable args. I would try passing the arguments required to create the DB session object to
, then reconstructing the object across the process boundary.
Hi @claire Thanks for your time in responding to my query. Sure, let me try that out, albeit not a simple task 🙂