Good morning everyone! I’m sorry if this going to ...
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Good morning everyone! I’m sorry if this going to be badly formulated question, but I’m still quite new to the Dagster world. I have an op for which I’d like to materialize multiple assets. I’ve been able to yield a single asset with an op, but I can’t figure out how to materialize multiple assets and yield them all in a single call to that op. Am I trying to do something that cannot be achieved? I tried searching the documentation and Slack archives and can’t find a similar example. Here’s the op I’m working with…
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    required_resource_keys = {"novacene_client"}
def store_ml_enrichment_files(context, df_ml_enrichment_files):
    s3 = boto3.resource('s3')

    for index, row in df_ml_enrichment_files.iterrows():
        # Read csv as pandas
        df_ml_enrichment_file = context.resources.novacene_client.get_file(row['file_path'])

        # Extract date from file name
        file_date = row['name'].split("_")[2].split(".")[0][0 : 8]

        # Save df as csv in S3
        csv_buffer = StringIO()
        df_ml_enrichment_file.to_csv(csv_buffer, index = False)
        s3.Object('discursus-io', 'sources/ml/' + file_date + '/ml_enriched_' + row['name']).put(Body=csv_buffer.getvalue())

        # Materialize and yield asset?
    return None
Thanks for your help! 🙂
what kind of issue are you having so far? I've never had any problems yielding multiple assets from an op by just doing something like
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yield AssetMaterialization("materialization1")
yield AssetMaterialization("materialization2")
or even
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for i in range(5):
    yield AssetMaterialization(f"materialization_{i})
Well that’s embarrassing. I don’t know what I was doing wrong previously, but your approach definitely works. Thanks @Zach 👍
No worries, that's programming! Dagster on! dagster spin
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