Hello, we’re currently migrating from the legacy d...
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Hello, we’re currently migrating from the legacy dagster API to the new one. We’ve swapped our solids for ops and our pipelines for jobs. But when I try to open the launcher for a job, I get the following error:
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dagster.check.CheckError: Failure condition: Mode multiprocess not found
Any idea how one might resolve this? Thanks!
Hmm, and
was a mode for the legacy pipeline that is now a job?
Just a shot in the dark, can you try clearing your browser cache and reloading the launchpad in dagit? I wonder if some execution params got cached…
ok gotcha gotcha
I’ll try that
got it! clearing cache and cookies did the trick! thank you 🙂
wow, nice
yeah, I think it’s actually using
, I forget which command clears it, I guess cookies