Hi! When I’m redeploying on ecs with `docker comp...
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Hi! When I’m redeploying on ecs with
docker compose
, time to time, it recreates postgres db. Is there some logic when it does it? As it happens not consistently. Also, any way to disable it?
I’m not entirely sure how docker compose decides when it needs to update the task definition (outside of a few obviously cases like the image changing) - you can check the task definition revision to see what changed. But in general, I wouldn’t recommend using the postgres container that’s in the ECS example for this reason - there’s no state to it if the task dies. At minimum, you’d probably want to modify it it have some sort of persistent volume. A better solution is probably to remove the container entirely and instead use RDS or some other managed database service. https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/guides/aws#using-rds-for-run-and-event-log-storage
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